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Daniel Danger and Solingen

Even today "Quality made in Solingen" signifies cutlery of excellent quality. This term is known all over the world. The decree protects since the 1995.01.01 the name "Solingen " against fraudulent use. The decree prescribes that cutlery can carry the name only if it is produced within Solingen's industrial area and if it meets the quality standard according to this law.

Our company, a family company, since more than 20 years at Solingen maintains the craft industry, the artisan tradition with a touch of advanced new technology to be able to propose cutlery of high quality.

As it is the tradition in our city we are working together with highly qualified and reliable independent workshops. These workshops are specialized in a stage of production as: production of the blanks, grinding, polishing, injection, etc.

We coordinate, supervise and check all these steps of production. The cutlery is controlled in our factory so that we are always able to deliver an excellent quality.

Reliability and flexibility are our slogans. Our mode of production is the guarantee of manufacturing to low prices, an advantage reflected in our prices.
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